Waldorf University wants to support our active-duty law enforcement by ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to support and protect the communities they serve.

This annual scholarship is open to any active-duty law enforcement officer seeking a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or Homeland Security, a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, or Public Administration Leadership concentration, an MBA with a Criminal Justice Leadership or Emergency Management Leadership concentration, or another related degree.  This scholarship covers up to 60 undergraduate credit hours or 36 graduate credit hours and will be applied directly to the recipients tuition for a maximum of 36 consecutive months. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Eligible candidates must have a high school transcript or equivalent (GED).
  • Scholarship applicants must be available to begin their coursework within 90 days of the date of the award.
  • Capable of maintaining a 2.0 undergraduate GPA or 3.0 graduate GPA. Students must meet Waldorf University Online academic requirements for admission to the university.
  • Remain in good standing with Waldorf throughout his or her degree program and maintain continuous enrollment while utilizing scholarship funds. Any breaks must be approved in advance by the scholarship committee.
  • Must have a current application for admission to Waldorf University on file or be a current student. Apply for admission, here

Acceptable Verification Documentation:

  • A statement of Employment on Company Letterhead from a Superior
  • Copy of an Employment ID card


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