Waldorf University is pleased to announce its partnership with the Ithlokomeleng Batho Rehabilitation Centre to present the Ithlokomeleng Batho Rehabilitation Centre (IBRC) Scholarship, awarded to any affiliated member to be used towards an Associate, Bachelor, or Master’s degree.  The scholarship is valued at up to $24,000 and 60 credit hours and will be presented to one individual who demonstrates leadership qualities in his or her current performance of duty and shows great potential for increased leadership roles.


Any member, employee, volunteer, or family member affiliated with the Ithlokomeleng Batho Rehabilitation Centre (IRBC) may apply for this scholarship. Limit to one submission per person.

Application Package Contents and Requirements: 

EVERYONE applying for the scholarship must complete an enrollment application for admission with Waldorf University.  Once the scholarship winner is selected, Waldorf University admissions will contact the recipient to complete enrollment.  Applications for non-selects will remain on file for 1 year with the option to apply for the scholarship again the following year.

  • Tab 1 - Official Bio (PDF)
  • Tab 2 - Official Photo 5x7 head and shoulder
  • Tab 3 - Essay (PDF): Topic - Goals and Aspirations
    • Two pages minimum/Three pages maximum not included in the title page
    • Times New Roman Font, size 12
    • No more than 1-inch margin on all sides
    • Double spaced
  • Tab 4 - Confirmation of admissions application enrollment (PDF)

Submission Requirements: 

  • Completed application packages must be routed to Eddiewren Mutumba at eddiewren.m@ibrcglobal.org.
  • The Ithlokomeleng Batho Rehabilitation Centre will internally board and select no more than 3 packages for submission to the final evaluation for consideration.
  • Packages will be reviewed by a selected panel to determine the scholarship winner.
  • APPLICATION SUSPENSE: 31 Aug 2024. Late packages will not be considered.

Additional Information:

  • The Ithlokomeleng Batho Rehabilitation Centre will inform Waldorf University and provide them with recipient information. The scholarship recipient will then be contacted by Waldorf University to schedule a formal scholarship presentation.
  • For questions, please contact Eddiewren Mutumba at m@ibrcglobal.org
  • To learn more about the Ithlokomeleng Batho Rehabilitation Centre the IBRC website at https://ibrcglobal.org/