The Iowa Association of Professional Fire Chiefs are proud to announce a partnership with Waldorf University in the creation of the Waldorf University/Iowa Association of Professional Fire Chiefs LT. Eric Hosette Memorial Scholarship.  

The scholarship provides funding for the online program and is intended to promote higher education for Iowa’s fire service members. The scholarship provides 60 credit hours or 24 months of classes, whichever comes first, and can be used in any of Waldorf University's many online programs.  The scholarship will be awarded annually. 

Eligibility Requirements

The scholarship is open to any person who is an active member in good standing of a State, County, Municipal, Community, Industrial, Tribal or Federal Fire Department located within the State of Iowa who has obtained firefighter certification recognized by the Iowa Fire Service Training Bureau.

  • Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • Letters of Recommendation - Be of good moral character as attested by two letters of recommendation.  The two letters must be submitted with the application and one letter must be from the applicant’s Fire Chief.
  • Essay  - Complete an essay of not more than 1,250 words and submitted in Microsoft Word format (Do not use department names or personal references within the essay).  The essay must answer the following items:
    • Why you believe this scholarship will be useful to you as a firefighter or a fire officer
    • How your pursuit of higher education will enhance leadership in the emergency services in Iowa
    • How your pursuit of this scholarship will demonstrate Waldorf’s values of service, community, critical inquiry, and lifelong learning.
  • Picture, Video, and Recording Usage Consent - Agree to release Waldorf University and the IAPFC to use your name, story, photo, etc. on any marketing materials in relation to the scholarship.  
  • Interview - An interview before the selection committee may be required.

To apply for the Lt. Eric Hosette Memorial Scholarship please visit the IAPFC website.