Applying for admissions to Waldorf University is simple. Follow the steps for your respective program listed below and return to Waldorf International Admissions.

Residential Requirements / Process

  1. Apply online (no application fee).

    Your admissions application and credentials must be completed by June 1 if applying for Fall Semester or Nov. 1 if applying for Spring Semester.

  2. Submit transcripts

    Waldorf University does not perform internal translations/evaluations of international transcripts for individuals. All international students are required to submit academic transcripts to InCRED Transcript Evaluation Services for evaluation. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange and pay for the evaluation through InCRED and have the official evaluation sent directly to Waldorf University. Waldorf does require the official international transcript and the official copy of the evaluation. Admission to Waldorf University requires a GPA of 2.0 or above.

  3. Standardized test requirements

    Qualifying tests include: ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo or PTE. Test requirement may be waived if the student has post-secondary coursework and his or her transcripts show that the main language of instruction in high school and/or college was English.

    *Because of test cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, English test scores may be waived on a case-by-case basis.

    Test Options Minimum Score Required Waldorf University Code
    ACT 18 total composite score with an 18 ELA score 1362
    SAT 970 total composite score with a 470 evidence-based reading & writing score 6925
    TOEFL 61 6925
    IELTS 5.5 N/A
    Duolingo 90 N/A
    PTE 44 N/A
  4. Provide sufficient financial documentation

    Immigration regulations require students to show the ability to pay the cost of first-year expenses after scholarships have been applied. Proof of adequate financial support may include bank letters or bank statements. Bank letters must be on letterhead and officially signed certifying the account holder and average balance of the account. Recent bank statements will also suffice for proof of adequate funds. (The bank statement or letter can't be older than three months.) Should these accounts be in the name of someone other than the student, we will also require an Affidavit of Support from the account holder outlining their relationship to the student and willingness to support this student while in the U.S.

  5. Submit a copy of your passport/visa

    Official documents should be sent to:
    Ms. Louisa Montealvo
    Director of International Admissions
    106 South 6 Street
    Forest City, IA 50436


    If admitted, you will be required to submit half of your first semester out-of-pocket costs on your student account and a $125 housing deposit before Waldorf University will issue the I-20. Your tuition & housing deposit will be refunded to you if you are not able to secure a VISA.

Online Requirements/Process

To be considered for admission, international applicants must:

  1. Complete your application for admission.

  2. Self-certify as to successful completion of the equivalent of grade 12 in a U.S. secondary school and provide evidence of successful completion of a program considered to be equivalent to an accredited high school diploma or GED certificate. International academic transcripts must be evaluated and certified by a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services member organization. (Please request that the certifying organization’s report be sent directly to the registrar at Waldorf University.)

    Submit one of the following prior to admission (for international students who are citizens of a country where English is not the primary language):

    • Official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): Requirements for admission into our degree programs include a minimum of 500 in the paper-based version or 61 in the internet-based version.
    • International English Language Testing System Exam (IELTS): A minimum of a Band 5 or higher is required.

    TOEFL and IELTS scores are not required from:

    • International students who have completed two years of study in which English was the language of instruction.
    • International students whose English language transcripts have been accepted by institutions domiciled in the U.S. and Canada.
    • Written proof of successfully completing at least 30 academic semester hours (with a 2.0. GPA or higher) of university/college-level courses (excluding ESL) that are transferable and that were taught completely in English.
    • Written proof of attaining the C-Level English certificate issued by the Government of Vietnam.
  3. Waldorf will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your application and provide you with a detailed evaluation report. This report will outline the courses you need to complete for your selected program of study, your accepted transfer credits and complete instructions on enrolling in your program. Evaluations will be returned within two business days of receiving your application. An expedited evaluation service is available for a $25 fee and guarantees that your completed application packet be evaluated within one business day.

  4. Once you have received your evaluation, contact the Admissions Department or visit our website to enroll. Waldorf Admissions will walk you through the process of enrolling and registering for your first course. Should your transcripts not arrive in time to complete your evaluation, you are still eligible for enrollment under Temporary Admissions Status. As a temporary student, you may complete up to 12 undergraduate semester hours. Once all official transcripts are received and evaluated, an Application Evaluation Report will be issued and your status will be changed. For more information, please refer to the Admissions Status page.

*Transcripts not in U.S. equivalency must be translated through a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) approved translating service. Please visit the NACES website for more information.