Laptop Distribution Dates

  • In general, the IT Department will distribute laptop computers to full-time students during the first week of classes each semester.
  • Students arriving on campus early to participate in various camps may receive their laptop early at no additional charge; pending laptop availability.

Laptop Insurance

  • All students assigned a Waldorf University laptop are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO INSURE THE LAPTOP AGAINST DAMAGE AND/OR LOSS.
  • Students are encouraged to add their assigned laptop to their parent’s homeowner’s or rental insurance policy.
  • Stand-alone insurance policies for laptops are also available. These may be obtained from an insurance agent. The IT Department has information available for laptop insurance.
  • Students who choose not to purchase insurance are responsible for all costs of theft or damage.

Change in Full-time Status of Student

  • Students who move from full-time to part-time status must return their laptop to the IT Department within one week of the status change or within one week of the last day to drop or add classes; whichever is earlier.

Laptop Return Dates

  • The official Laptop Return Date is the last business day of finals week.
  • Students who are enrolled full-time may keep their laptop assigned to them between semesters as long as they are registered for the upcoming semester.
  • Students may request an extension to the Laptop Return Date by completing a REQUEST FOR EXCEPTION TO COLLEGE POLICY form. Students must complete and return the form to the IT Department on or before the Laptop Return Date to qualify for an exception. The form is available at the IT Department.
  • The IT Department communicates specific Laptop Return Dates to all students via email, however students are responsible to know the Laptop Return Dates.

Fines and Charges

  • A $100 Late Fee will be assessed to students who do not return their laptop by the Laptop Return Date.
  • Charges for “user caused” damage will be charged to the students account.
  • Stolen or lost laptops as well as components issued to the student (i.e. bag, cable, adapter) will be charged at 100% of original cost to the student who was assigned the laptop or component.


  • Students who are enrolled full-time and are registered for an internship may take the laptop with them based on availability. Students must complete and return a REQUEST FOR EXCEPTION TO COLLEGE POLICY form and be listed on the Registrar’s Internship Student Roster before leaving for their internship. The form is available in the IT Department. The laptop must be returned before the Laptop Return Date for that specific term or the date specified on form.

Stolen Laptop

  • If your laptop is stolen, promptly report the theft to the local police, Student Life Office and IT Department (to receive a replacement). You will also be responsible for reporting the theft to your insurance company. You will be billed for the stolen laptop.