I dropped my computer and it broke. What do I do?

Immediately take your computer to the IT Help Desk window. The broken computer will be repaired and the cost of the repair will be billed to you. You are welcome to borrow a loaner computer until the one issued is repaired.

My Waldorf computer was stolen. What do I do?

Report the theft immediately to the following: Student Life office of Waldorf University, the local police department of where the theft occurred and the Waldorf IT Department. A replacement computer will be issued and you will be billed the value of the computer.

My parents do not have homeowner's insurance and I do not have renter's insurance. How can I insure my laptop?

Local insurance agencies in Forest City have secured insurance for students needing laptop insurance coverage. For more information contact them directly.

How much should I insure the laptop for? What other information do I need to provide my insurance company?

The IT department recommends that you insure the laptop, charger and bag for $450. This would cover most repairs and replacement of the laptop if stolen. Your insurance company may also request the model and serial #. This information can be found on your copy of the laptop usage agreement you received when your laptop was issued to you.

I think I have a virus on my computer. How do I clean it?

CISCO-AMP anti-virus software is preinstalled on your laptop. Bring the laptop to the IT department for further assistance with virus detection and removal.


How do I check my email from home or off-campus?

Please refer to the Campus Email and Web section of this site.

I have a six-week internship scheduled. Can I take my laptop with me?

Waldorf students have the option to take their laptop with them for their internship if they attend their internship in the semester they were registered as a full-time student. Students are required to fill out an Internship Request form. These forms are available from the IT Department.

Can I connect my own printer to the laptop?

The IT department encourages students to connect their own printers for the convenience of printing in their dorm room. Assistance in the installation of the printer can be obtained by calling or stopping by the IT department.

I would like to scan some pictures for a class project. Is there a scanner on campus I can use?

There is a scanner located in the library that is available for students to use. Students can sign in with their email credentials and select the Scan option. Library staff can assist if needed.

My professor has given me an extension following semester end to finish a paper. Can I keep my laptop after the semester is over?

If the student is not registered full-time for the next semester, they may request an extension from the IT department by completing a Request for Exception to University Policy form. Students must complete and return the form to the IT Department. All requests must be made prior to semester end and before the specified due date or late fees will be assessed. The granting of the extensions will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Can I download MP3's and share them on the network?

In order to conserve network resources and because of the legality of copyright issues, we do not allow the sharing and/or distribution of music files on our network. Legally purchased MP3's and movies can be downloaded and stored on the hard drive.

See Legal Issues under the Computer Use Policy for more information.

I am having trouble printing to a network printer. When I go to retrieve my printout, it isn't there. What am I doing wrong?

The most common problem with network printing (PaperCut) is that the user does not have a valid network connection. If you are not logged on to the WU_Student network, the network printer cannot be accessed. Be sure to check your wireless network connection to make sure you are on WU_Student. If that doesn't work, restart your computer if it has been on for an extended amount of time to ensure a proper network connection.

Can I install my favorite game on my laptop?

Most any general use software can be installed on the laptop if you own a legal licensed copy of it. Be sure to check system requirements before doing so. More sophisticated software should be preapproved by a member of the IT department to verify compatibility.

Can I upgrade to a different version of Windows or Internet Explorer?

The software licensed by Waldorf is preinstalled on the laptop (MS Office, Internet Explorer, Windows OS, etc.) and can't be changed to a different version.

What does reimaging a laptop mean?

The IT department will frequently reimage a laptop to fix software related problems. This means that your computer will be completely erased and returned to the same state it was in when issued to you. If you have a virus that can't be cleaned or have downloaded a program or file that continually produces errors, you may also request a reimage. A reimage takes approximately one hour to complete. It is your responsibility to have any files you wish to keep saved to another source first.