The Alma Mater

All hail to thee, O Waldorf
Thy praises we will sing
Through thy beloved lobby
The echoing anthems ring.
We sing of precepts noble,
Of loyalty and truth,
Of love and labor blending
To guide the steps of youth.

We love our Waldorf College
The school of Vikings bold;
We love her royal colors,
The Purple and the Gold.
Then hail, all hail to Waldorf,
Our Alma Mater dear;
May heaven's richest blessings
Crown every passing year.

Waldorf Fight Song

We sing to Waldorf and the Warriors bold;
We're proud because they wear the Purple and Gold.
They don't fight to make a name;
They just fight for Waldorf's fame.
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Go Team! Fight Team!
Victory tonight!
We will cheer for you!
Win this game
Your pride will show through!