Honors professors are more than teachers; they'll be your mentors as they guide you through your years of exploring ideas at Waldorf.  They'll travel with you, laugh with you, learn with you, try out international cuisine with you, and most of all, they'll enjoy the intellectual journey with you.

Suzanne Falck-Yi, Ph.D.

Professor of English, Director of Honors College

Throughout her many years at Waldorf, some of Honors College director Suzanne Falck-Yi's fondest memories have been watching Honors first-year students engage in loud and lively debates.

Robert Alsop, Ph.D.


Dr. Alsop has served in a variety of roles including Associate Professor of English, Chair of the English Department, Director of the Honors College, Assistant Academic Dean of the College.

Nick Benesh, Ph.D.

Online Psychology Program Director, Associate Professor

Dr. Benesh has always been interested in the coordination between language and perception. This includes ideas ranging from embodiment and symbolic theories of mind.

David Damm, M.A.

Professor of Communications, Program Director Communications - Online, Honors College Adjunt Faculty

Prior to joining the Waldorf faculty, David Damm spent 13 years in community journalism as a reporter and photographer for the Forest City Summit. He enjoys teaching a diverse set of courses in communications including.

Carol Fischer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology & Physiology

Dr. Carol Fischer has been at Waldorf University since August of 2016. Her background is in microbiology, immunology, lipid biochemistry and cancer research. She previously taught classes at the University of Iowa.

Julienne Friday, M.A.

Professor of Sociology and Psychology

Professor Julienne Friday was recently recognized as Waldorf’s “renaissance woman”—a moniker she proudly, but humbly claims.  She begins each morning listening to Vivaldi’s “Gloria,” loves Bach and Baroque music.

David Greder, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Religion & Philosophy

David Greder has been serving on the Waldorf residential and online faculty since 2016. He enjoys teaching biblical studies, critical thinking, inter-religious dialogue..

Jonathan Klauke, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History

Dr. Klauke has been a residential history professor at Waldorf University since 2017 teaching all of the world history classes as well as upper level courses such as History of Science, History of Warfare, History of the Early Church.

Kevin Mason, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History

Mason teaches a variety of courses at all undergraduate levels, oversees internship opportunities and facilitates student research. He currently serves on the Higher Learning Commission Assurance Argument writing team for the university.

Steve Smith, M.Div.

Chair of Religion & Philosophy, Assistant Professor

Professor Smith's great academic passion is bringing the theology of Martin Luther to bear upon our modern life and world. He firmly believes Luther’s thought is extraordinarily poignant.