In order to provide better care, ALL full-time, residential students are required to submit and renew their health and insurance information each year, through the Sportsware Website.

If you have never used Sportsware before, click the “Join Sportsware” button under the Athlete/Parent section. Then enter the School ID: Waldorf and next your own contact information. After finishing the initial form, our health staff will receive and approve your request for your new account and email you with a confirmation that your new account is ready.

On entering your account, you will go to the main section of your Athlete Portal to begin inputting your information for the first time. There it will tell you what forms you need to upload (if any) and what sections of your profile are incomplete. Click on the blue forms and words to be sent to the areas that need your attention.  If you need assistance, please contact Mary Mathiasen at