FOREST CITY, Iowa – Waldorf University recently bolstered its online degree program offerings with the launch of its newest program, a Master of Arts in health care management.

The Master of Arts in health care management calls for a completion of its 36-credit hour curriculum, a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA and a maximum of 18 transfer credits.

“We feel the health care management degree program addresses some of the health care industry’s continuing battle of shortages of qualified leaders and managers that may provide good direction, improve current system needs, and are equipped to negotiate the changing face of health care,” said Neal McGregor, Ph.D., director of graduate studies at Waldorf.

In addition to the graduate program in health care management, Waldorf also offers an A.A. in health care management, a B.A. in health care management, a B.S. in organizational leadership with a concentration in health care management and a health care management certification.

“Those currently in the industry who seek more knowledge and leadership opportunities may benefit from the program,” said McGregor. Gaining the latest information on administration and practice in the field can help open management opportunities for advancement in their career.”

Waldorf’s graduate program also covers organizational culture, health care specific human resource management, financial management, marketing and more.

To learn more about Waldorf’s master’s degree in health care management, visit Waldorf.edu/HCM.

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