Winter 2023 4-week Mini-Term 

  • Information for students currently attending an outside institution enrolling in the 4-week Mini-Term 3D24:
    • Enrollment Dates: 8/31/23 - 12/14/23
    • Term Dates: 12/13/23 - 1/9/24
    • Please confirm with your advisor at your home institution that the credit you receive from this course will transfer appropriately. 
    • The 4-week Mini-Term course cost is $710
    • Due to the condensed nature of these courses and the time required for each course, students are limited to two courses. 
    • Enroll in this 4-week Mini-Term by filling out the form below! An Enrollment Coordinator will contact you to walk you through the next steps!
  • Students currently enrolled on campus at Waldorf University should speak to their Academic Advisor to begin the enrollment process for term 3C24. Students presently enrolled at Waldorf as online students are not eligible for 4-week mini-terms due to term overlap.
    • Enrollment Dates: 8/31/23 - 11/16/23 
    • Term Dates: 11/29/23 - 12/26/23
    • The 4-week Mini-Term course cost is $710 (cash or credit card payment only)
    • Due to the condensed nature of these courses and the required time required, students wishing to take more than one course must discuss options with the residential Registrar's Office.
    • You can start the enrollment process for this 4-week Mini-Term by contacting your Academic Advisor. 
    • SAP standards remain in effect during the 4-week Mini-Term

Courses being offered for 4-week Mini-Terms 3C24 and 3D24:

    • ART 1301 – Art Appreciation I
    • ART 1302 – Art Appreciation II
    • BUS 2010 – Intro to Business
    • BUS 3651 – Leadership
    • COM 1030 – Mass Communications in Society
    • CRJ 2000 – Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • ECO 2401 – Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ECO 2501 – Principles of Microeconomics
    • HIS 1100 – Ancient World
    • HIS 1110 – American History I
    • MUS 1010 – Music Appreciation
    • ORG 3800 – Leading Across Generations
    • POL 1010 – American Government
    • PSY 1010 – Intro to Psychology
    • REL 2050 – Contemporary Ethical Issues
    • REL 2350 – Philosophy of World Religions
    • SMT 2701 – Sociology of Sport
    • SMT 2801 – Sport Public Relations and Promotions
    • SOC 1010 – Intro to Sociology
    • SOC 2010 – Survey of Global Societies and Cultural Geography

What is a 4-week mini-term?

A 4-week Mini-Term is a unique opportunity to participate in a compact, 4-week course offered to traditional college students during the break. 4-week Mini-Term students do not have to attend Waldorf University during spring or fall terms to participate.

Textbooks and course materials are provided at no cost to the student and there is no set class time required. Students can login at times convenient to their schedules.

All classes are offered entirely online through Waldorf University. Students will need to ensure internet access over the entire term.

Why Take a 4-week Mini-Term?

  • Gain credits from a Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accredited institution
  • To work ahead in your field of study
  • To lighten your future semester workloads
  • To repeat course work for a timely graduation
  • To maintain athletic eligibility

Steps to register for Waldorf University 4-week Mini Term courses

  • Non-Waldorf Students:
    • Submit an application for admission using the form below.
    • Submit an enrollment form. A Waldorf admissions counselor can help with this process by phone if you'd like. Students will have the availability to provide credit card information on the form or to the counselor.
  • Waldorf On-Campus Students:
    • DO NOT use the form to apply for admission below. 
    • Please speak to your Academic Advisor to ensure the course fits into your degree progression, then complete the registration form with them.
    • Stop by the business office with your registration form and pay for your course.
    • Once your payment has been made, contact the residential Registrar's Office to complete enrollment.

Online students call 877.267.2157 to learn more about 4-week Mini Terms and on-campus students visit with the University Registrar to Apply Now!

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