Waldorf offers a minor in religion and philosophy that challenges students to see life and the world around them in new ways. The program asks students to consider the deepest questions about their purpose and the meaning of life. Waldorf will help them gain an understanding of the various aspects of religious systems, which will prepare them for a professional life in religious services, and also various disciplines of graduate school.


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What can you expect from Waldorf’s religion and philosophy classes?

In philosophy classes, you will develop critical thinking skills. The classes will challenge your thought processes and problem-solving capacity. You will learn to make and analyze arguments, and understand and critique differing perspectives.

Our religion classes will encourage you to think in new ways, explore religious texts such as the Bible, and consider how they come to be and how they should be read. In these classes, you will learn about a variety of religious perspectives, and explore how religion provides ways to contemplate life and its many perplexing questions. You will also be exposed to the way religion and art interact. The classes will help you see your life in terms of calling and contribution.

Why choose a minor in religion?

  1. A religion minor can accompany any major offered by the university, giving the student a larger perspective from which to understand different situations, professional environments, and different approaches toward life.
  2. A minor in religion will especially benefit students who are preparing for seminary and advanced academic work in religion.
  3. As the demand for non-ordained church workers rapidly increases, Waldorf’s religion minor provides a foundation for those students who may be seeking to work for the church in a non-ordained capacity.