Waldorf’s Graduate Certificate in Human Resources (HR) provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in today’s global business climate and integrated value chains. Students will cover issues specific to current human resource management, such as principles of human resource management, ethics for business leadership, leadership development and coaching, measuring HR and change impact, and organization development. This program will prepare students to be leaders of human resources on a departmental or corporate executive level.

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Graduate Certificate Program Requirements

  • Completion of the certificate’s curriculum and credit requirements
  • Students are allowed to transfer in a maximum of 3 credit hours to a certificate program
  • Minimum grade of B for each course
Certificate Requirements: 12 credit hours
Prefix Number Course Credits
HRM 5200 Human Resources Management 3
HRM 5300 Ethics for Business Leadership 3
HRM 6000 Leadership Development and Coaching 3
HRM 6400 Measuring HR and Change Impact 3