Waldorf’s Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management prepares students to take on mid-level to executive-level leadership roles in health organizations of all sizes. Students learn emerging industry issues while mastering the ability to plan for and react to the constant changes of in the dynamic field of health care. This certificate is perfect for a clinical or administrative health care professional who is looking to advance in their career, change the future for their organization, and improve patient care for the industry as a whole.

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Graduate Certificate Program Requirements

  • Completion of the certificate’s curriculum and credit requirements
  • Students are allowed to transfer in a maximum of 3 credit hours to a certificate program
  • Minimum grade of B for each course
Certificate Requirements: 12 credit hours
Prefix Number Course Credits
HCM 5000 Emerging Issues in Health Administration 3
HCM 5100 Building Professional Teams 3
HCM 5200 Self-Care for Health Care Professionals 3
HCM 6400 Health Care Professionalism 3