Explore an exciting new career field or refresh your background in the profession by earning a certificate from Waldorf University. The certificate programs are designed for both current and aspiring professionals. Learners may seek a certificate exclusively to advance their career-related knowledge and skills, and other learners may pursue a certificate as a stepping stone toward Waldorf’s online associate degree or bachelor’s degree programs. For students who wish to pursue a degree, the Communications certificate is designed to coordinate with either the A.A. degree or the B.A. in Communications at Waldorf University.

Waldorf’s Communications certificate provides hands-on experience with current technology to prepare students for careers in the communications industry. Students will have the opportunity to learn these technologies through a creative, project-based experience. Students will explore a variety of areas within communications including:

  • Digital Production and Social Media (COM 1020)
  • Graphic Core (COM 1010)
  • The Relationship between Mass Communication and Pop Culture (COM 1030)
  • Journalism (COM 1040)
  • Visual Theory (COM 2010)

Estimated time to complete this certificate program is six to twelve months.

This program is available online only.

Certificate Program Requirements

  • Completion of the certificate’s curriculum and credit requirements
  • Students are allowed to transfer in a maximum of 3 credit hours to a certificate program
  • Minimum grade of C for each course

Certificate programs are not eligible for Federal Student Aid.

Certificate Requirements: 15 credit hours
Prefix Number Course Credits
COM 1010 Graphic Core 3
COM 1020 Digital Core 3
COM 1030 Mass Communications and Society 3
COM 1040 News Gathering and Reporting 3
COM 2010 Visual Theory 3

Hardware Requirements

Required hardware is listed within the course descriptions in the course catalog.

Waldorf’s Communications program requires a Mac or Windows compatible computer with the minimum specifications needed to operate Adobe Creative Cloud.

Software Requirements

Required software is listed within the course descriptions in the course catalog and below.
Pricing for Adobe CC (Creative Cloud), one of the primary software packages used in the program

Adobe Creative Cloud is required for the following courses:

  • COM 1010, Graphic Core
  • COM 2010, Visual Theory
  • COM 3020, Radio Production
  • COM 3030, Television/Film Production
  • COM 3400, Digital Imaging
  • COM 4010, Web Design
  • COM 4520, Senior Capstone

Additional Hardware and Software Requirements

Additional required hardware and software is listed within the course descriptions in the course catalog and below.

  • COM 1020, Digital Core requires Video Camera; Camera; Keynote or equivalent; Final Cut Pro X or equivalent.
  • COM 3020, Radio Production requires an External Microphone; Avid Pro Tools or equivalent.
  • COM 3030, Television/Film Production requires Video Camera; Final Cut Pro X or equivalent.