Cybersecurity is already an absolute necessity for every business in every industry. Job opportunities are expected to grow even more as technology continues to integrate with day-to-day operations – and protecting those technologies means protecting the bottom line. The Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity will provide you with a strong interdisciplinary background and prepare you to start working in the field right away.

Curriculum Overview

Waldorf’s Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity offers a diverse mix of introductory courses that will teach you how to identify vulnerabilities, implement frameworks for incident prevention, detect intrusions, apply countermeasures, safeguard data and much more. This degree is perfect for analytical-minded students who want to explore those areas while also receiving opportunities to refine the hands-on security skills that every business is looking for.

This program is available online only.

B.A./B.S. Degree Requirements

  • Completion of the core curriculum and the curriculum for the major, totaling 120 credits
  • A grade of C or higher in all coursework in the major and, if applicable, in the concentration(s)
  • 2.00 cumulative grade point average for work completed at Waldorf
  • Minimum of 36 upper-division credit hours

Review the complete list of core requirements for this program.

Major Requirements
Prefix Number Course Credit Hours
Major Required - Group A 36
CIS 1050 Computer Essentials 3
CIS 4101 Internet and Network Security 3
CYB 3301 Security Application Development 3
CYB 3302 Advanced Information Security 3
CYB 4301 Cyber Security and Crime 3
CYB 4302 Cyber Warfare and Application 3
CYB 4303 Critical Infrastructure Protection in Cyber Security 3
CYB 4304 Cyber Security Law and Policy 3
CYB 4401 Information Security Disaster Recovery 3
CYB 4402 Principles of Digital Forensics 3
CYB 4403 Digital Forensics Application 3
CYB 4500 Cyber Security Capstone 3
Professional Electives - Group B: Select five courses (15 credits) from the list below or apply qualified transfer credit. 15
CYB 3306 Operating Systems 3
CYB 3307 Maintaining Microcomputer Systems 3
CYB 3308 Cloud Computing 3
CYB 3309 Introduction to Mobile Technology 3
CYB 3450 Introduction to Data Communication 3
CYB 4313 Ethics and Professionalism 3
CYB 4453 Infrastructure Management 3
Grand Total: 120

Any Waldorf courses may be selected from the catalog to be used as electives, provided that they are not used to satisfy other program requirements.