Waldorf University recently awarded Battalion Chief Herman Born of the Wilmington Fire Department a Learning Partner Scholarship.

Born won the award as a fire service employee of the City of Wilmington, North Carolina, one of Waldorf’s Learning Partners. Waldorf’s Learning Partners are associations, companies and organizations that benefit from a 10 percent tuition discount, scholarship opportunities and more. The Learning Partner Scholarship will cover up to $17,100 in one online degree program.

Born plans to use the scholarship to pursue his master’s degree in organizational leadership with a concentration in public administration.

“I aspire to complete a degree program to grow and continue to learn as an individual and contribute to the department and organizations that I volunteer or work for,” he said.

Born, who is also a father and a husband, has been a passionate career firefighter since 1992. In addition to his firefighter career, Born also teaches fire service classes for several community colleges throughout the state. He hopes to use his degree to enhance his department job and understanding of city government.

“I have always attended and been abreast of the fire department side of conducting business. But I see that the future of fire service leaders can only be successful by understanding public issues and how the government will plan to meet those expectations. It is important to understand how the fire and all other departments are affected in the local government system through adopted budgets and the changes needed to continue to provide more services with less or no more money,” he explained.

As his department’s training director, Born helps his department under changes happening within and outside of his organization.

“For me, it is my goal to understand the core reasons and expectations of the public and how our government expects us to comply while continuing to motivate our employees through constant changes,” he said.

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