FOREST CITY, IOWA, November 15, 2017 –  Waldorf University’s Alpha Chi Honor Society recently awarded two $500 grants for undergraduate student research. This year’s recipients are: Diana Humble from Stewartville, Minn. and Sara Vettleson-Trutza from Spring Grove, Minn.
“We are honored to award Diana and Sara the Alpha Chi Honor Society undergrad research grants for this year,” said Waldorf University Professor of English and Director of the Honors College Dr. Suzanne Falck-Yi. “Both students had exceptional proposals and we are excited to see where their research leads.”
Humble, a sophomore Creative Writing major, is using her grant to attend the Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie, Ind., where she’ll experience networking with fellow writers, manuscript evaluation, agent pitch sessions, query letter critiques and hands-on tutoring with social media.
Vettleson-Trutza, a junior Biology major, is using her grant money to purchase supplies needed to conduct her research on “Training a rat (Rattus norvegicus) to detect the pathogen Klebsiella.” 
Humble and Vettleson-Trutza will present their research at a Student Inquirere or departmental presentation of senior research as part of the grant requirement.
The Alpha Chi Honor Society is comprised of junior and senior students with high academic achievement who use those gifts in service for others.
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