FOREST CITY, May 17, 2017 – The Top of Iowa Conference is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Art and Writing Festival held at Waldorf University on May 12. 
Students from each of the conference’s 18 schools participated in the event. In total, 94 awards were given out in the art category with 24 in writing. Top finishers were also awarded scholarships to Waldorf University. 
Earning top honors at the 2017 art festival were:

  • 3-D Best of Show – Parker Schiltz, Bishop Garrigan
  • 2-D Best of Show – Victoria Mayo, Belmond-Klemme
  • 2-D Best of Show Runner-Up – Kim Carlos, Belmond Klemme
  • Student Choice Award – Sophie Merten, St. Ansgar


Mariah Smith Pencil Drawing Second Place
Kim Carlos Pastel/Charcoal Drawing Third Place
Madi Wessels Pastel/Charcoal Drawing Honorable Mention
Kim Carlos Crayon/Oil Pastel Drawing First Place
Victoria Mayo Ink Drawing Second Place
Kate Spitler Computer Graphics/Graphic Design Second Place
Victoria Mayo Fibers/Book Arts First Place


Carlie Langerman Watercolor Painting First Place
Emerald Shipler Mixed Media 2-D Relief Second Place
Jaden Becker Photography – Nonedited Second Place
Parker Schiltz Sculpture – Non Clay First Place
Nolan Greene Mixed Media 3-D Third Place
Bryce Capesius Repurpose Art/Craft First Place


Marissa Westfall Watercolor Painting Third Place
Devon Payne Sculptural Clay – Nonfunctional Honorable Mention
Katie Schumaker Ceramics – Wheel Thrown Second Place


Lexis Beck Acrylic Painting/Casein Painting Honorable Mention
Briauna Mingus Ink Drawing Honorable Mention
Cynthia Trujillo Scupture – Non Clay Third Place


Cassandra Williams Commercial Art Third Place
Laura Buffington Photography – Nonedited First Place
Laura Buffington Photography – Edited First Place
Rebecca Bruns Sculptural Clay – Nonfunctional Second Place


Mallory Keech Oil Painting First Place
Mallory Keech Pencil Drawing Honorable Mention
Emma Whelan Colored Pencil Drawing Third Place
Juan Carranza Ink Drawing Third Place
Tyler Obermann Mixed Media 2-D Honorable Mention
Brady Hesse Ceramics – Wheel Thrown Honorable Mention
Cassidy Hannah Repurpose Art/Craft Second Place


Betty Perez Mixed Media 2-D First Place
Destiny Schuck Photography – Nonedited Third Place
Halie Anderson Video Animation First Place
Cashlin Barbour Mixed Media 3-D First Place


Kaylee Cerwinske Acrylic Painting/Casein Painting Third Place
Genevieve Reams Ceramics – Hand Built Functional Third Place
Genevieve Reams Ceramics – Wheel Thrown Third Place


Peyton Olson Acrylic Painting/Casein Painting First Place

NORTH BUTLER                     

Duston Poppen Watercolor Painting Honorable Mention
Kaleb Ott Watercolor Painting Honorable Mention
Trae Ulrich Printmaking Second Place
Marcy Jacobs Commercial Art Second Place
Marcy Jacobs Ceramics – Wheel Thrown First Place
Lorianne Collins Fibers/Book Arts Second Place


Sydney Giesking Oil Painting Second Place
Hunter Meinders Mixed Media 2-D Relief Third Place
Nicholus Price Sculpture – Non Clay Honorable Mention
Will Roeder Sculptural Clay – Nonfunctional Honorable Mention


Chris Brandt Acrylic Painting/Casein Painting Second Place
Bailey Marlow Colored Pencil Drawing First Place
Shaylee Hanning Pastel/Charcoal Drawing First Place
Kianna Breiner Ink Drawing First Place
Anna Ingals Ink Drawing Honorable Mention
Blake Crawmer Printmaking First Place
Nate Joyce Sculptural Clay – Nonfunctional First Place
Claudia Kinnander Fibers/Book Arts Third Place
Jaden Culbertsen Repurpose Art/Craft Third Place


Peyton Kollars Pencil Drawing First Place
Mackenzie Costello Colored Pencil Drawing Honorable Mention


Sophia Mayer Video Animation Second Place
Korey Moreno Ceramics – Hand Built Functional Second Place
Caleb Anderson Ceramics – Hand Built Functional Honorable Mention
Julia Ringhofer Ceramics – Hand Built Functional Honorable Mention


Alana Noss Acrylic Painting/Casein Painting Honorable Mention
Katelyn Simpkins Printmaking Third Place
Hanna Gibson Mixed Media 2-D Second Place


Sophie Merten Oil Painting Third Place
Megan Adams Colored Pencil Drawing Second Place
Sophie Merten Pastel/Charcoal Drawing Second Place
MacKenna Pannhoff Crayon/Oil Pastel Drawing Second Place
Jadyn Anderson Ink Drawing Honorable Mention
Lauryn Low Mixed Media 2-D Honorable Mention
Montanah Scott Mixed Media 2-D Relief First Place
Taylor Krahenbuhl Commercial Art First Place
Kim Hackenmiller Computer Graphics/Graphic Design First Place
Levi Alder Scuplture – Non Clay Second Place
Preston Isler Sculptural Clay – Nonfunctional Third Place
Levi Alder Mixed Media 3-D Second Place


Kate Fekkers Watercolor Painting Second Place
Seamus Sullivan Pencil Drawing Honorable Mention
Isabelle Hegarty Colored Pencil Drawing Honorable Mention
Ylani Guerrero Crayon/Oil Pastel Drawing Third Place
Kennedy Maske Crayon/Oil Pastel Drawing Honorable Mention
Makenna Amsbaugh Mixed Media 2-D Honorable Mention
McKenna Weaver Jewelry/Metalsmithing First Place
Mikenzi Roberts Jewelry/Metalsmithing Second Place


Katey Tegtmeyer Pencil Drawing Third Place
Kiefer Carlson Mixed Media 2-D Third Place
Alexis Klepoch Computer Graphics/Graphic Design Third Place
Leslie Barranca Ceramics – Hand Built Functional First Place

In the writing category, the following students were recognized: 
9TH-10TH grade Poetry Winners 
First Place: Jennifer Overy, Central Springs High School
Second Place: Alyssa Buffington, Forest City High School
Third Place: Xavier Patterson, St. Ansgar High School
Honorable Mention: Sierra Billick, North Iowa High School
9th-10th grade Prose Winners 
First Place: Brianna Carlson, Forest City High School
Second Place: Samantha Davis, North Iowa High School
Third Place: Benjamin Hassebroek, North Iowa High School
Honorable Mention:    Jennifer Overy, Central Springs High School
                                    Megan McDonald, Newman Catholic High School
11th-12th grade Poetry Winners
First Place: Ann Rosenblatt, Newman Catholic High School
Second Place: Shelby Johnson, Newman Catholic High School
Third Place: Scott Magnuson, Central Springs High School
Honorable Mention:    Zander Ketchum, Central Springs High School
                                    Preston Schutte, Central Springs High School
11th-12th grade Fiction Winners
First Place: Brena Hamilton, Newman Catholic High School
Second Place: Sara Murphy, Osage High School
Third Place: Selena Borrill, Clear Lake High School
Honorable Mention:    Jessica Faber, Clear Lake High School
                                     Grant Dieken, Clear Lake High School
11th-12th grade Nonfiction Winners
First Place: Courtney Lewis, Osage High School
Second Place: Klaire Chisholm, Osage High School
Third Place: Brena Hamilton, Newman Catholic High School
Honorable Mention:    Abigail Arciniega, Osage High School
                                    Madison Eagen, Osage High School
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